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Local Harvest

While it’s quite late in the season – in fact, the season is long over now, we just harvested our last crop of the season – Loofa!  Actually, we harvested it much earlier – back in August when we noticed a few huge cucumber-like vegetables growing along our garden fence.  Since we lost the identification tags, we didn’t know what they were.  In fact, we assumed that because the tags were lost that the seeds didn’t take.  Back to the harvest – when we cut them open, we didn’t know what they were since they were hard on the inside – they didn’t seem edible, nor did they have any strong taste to them.   So, we took them and threw them away into our garden.  Interestingly, just last week we were in the garden looking around and noticed loofa-looking things in there.  check out the pictures (to be added soon).

Also, since learning about the local food movement, we’ve made a lot of progress in creating our own products!  Here’s a list:

  • Comb honey from our 5 hives (mostly top-bar style) via 2 Tanzanian TBHs and 3 Langstroth hives.
  • Daily egg production from our flock of hens (varies between 6 and 20).  The high variability is due to possums, raccoons, and foxes.
  • Organic fruit and vegetable harvests
  • Home-brewing dandelion wine in both filtered and unfiltered varieties.

Next year we plan on doing more of the same, expanding the scale and changing a few things.  I want to shift to more traditional frame-based beekeeping to increase our honey yields, make a 5x increase in the dandelion wine production while experimenting with different recipes, grow more loofa, and start growing a few varieties of bamboo both as a privacy fence, but also for construction materials and edible bamboo shoots.



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