First Experience Growing Mushrooms: The 2nd Fruiting Cycle

Tonight, as we finished enjoying a part of our 2nd Shiitake harvest – sautéed in butter and Bragg’s amino acids, I wanted to share the journey of our 2nd fruiting cycle with you.

At the end of our last cycle, the logs had a heavy dose of white and green mold growing on them. It turned out that the white mold is actually mycelium and the green mold was not too harmful.


Yet after doing a little research online, I decided to treat the green mold spots with a little dab of rubbing alcohol. The end result was a cleaned up log with a few white spots remaining and just a little green here and there. I was also advised to let the logs dry out for a few days which I did.


After about 4-5 days of drying, I proceeded to perform the next 12 hour soak. I had to improvise using a wire basket and some heavy boxes to hold down the logs under the water.

Which resulted in 4 wet logs:


Next, I continued as I did before, using the nebulizer on an hourly schedule, but instead of spraying them down 2x per day, I just did it 1x per day. Before, the overly moist conditions were the main source of mold. I also continued to keep the box lid on slightly ajar to let a little fresh air in.

After just 7-8 days, the results were astonishing. While I was told to expect a minor harvest, this one turned out to be the largest one yet!


Producing 3 heaping bowls filled with mushrooms!


Now that the 2nd harvest is complete, I’m going to give the logs a break for a couple of days and then proceed to give them a 3rd soaking. Till next time…


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