Welcome to my personal blog.  I have many interests… look around to learn more about me and what I do.

– David


4 responses to “About

  1. Albert

    Hi, I’m a student from Barcelona! I’m really interested in electroculture and I’m doing a research about it. Can you help me in some aspects please? Which are the most suitable seeds should I plant? Which electrical power should I use ? To sum up, it will be awesome if you could help me with the protocol for electroculture.
    Thanks for helping! 🙂

  2. It’s been a month or two while since I responded to you on email. Be sure to get back in touch and let me know what you decided to try.

    • dave : i have done a good bit with electroculture also as well as other things like orgone energy. for instance last year i had a single wire over head of my garden at 8′ elevation. it was 6′ in from the perimeter all the way around. it was energized with 50,000vdc + while the ground had the negative potencial on it. i had 6′ broccoli and that was after i cut a foot off 4 times to keep fresh buds . i am interested in contacting you if possible just to share. thanks mike

      • Hey Mike,

        Glad to hear about your electroculture experiment… I’ll contact you over email – would love to learn more!

        Regarding orgone energy, I used to have this neat device called a “beamer” that I unfortunately lent to a friend and never got it back. It was pretty neat as you could actually feel something coming out of it. Nowadays I would love to try orgone experiments on some plants.

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