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A Brief Overview of Growing Plants with Electricity: Electroculture 101

I would like to share with you my latest blog post in the form of a slideshow.  I am starting to experiment with different ways of creating content and I hope that your find this informative and worthy of your attention.

In the slideshow below, I touch on the high-points of electroculture – what it is, how it works, and some applications.  Enjoy!


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My views on private social media tools in the enterprise

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As a systems designer in a company that uses a collaboration tools from basic email to wikis, an intranet, and sharepoint, I don’t think this provides enough connectivity to truly reach a company-wide synergy.   The ability to have internal “public” conversations where anyone can add their input would be extremely valuable in that it would help to lower the walls between various marketing / design / manufacture / test groups, partner companies, and remote workers thus allowing greater amounts of collaboration in real-time, without the need to wait for the weekly project status meeting.  I can see cool things happening like getting meaningful contributions from employees who have relevant experiences from one of their previous careers.  It can significantly boost the knowledge capital of an organization.  Furthermore, being able to browse employee profiles can create greater camaraderie between co-workers by their ability to find common interests with ease, at least much easier than the chance conversation where you discover you have something in common.

Another solution is needed which the likes of Yammer,, SocialCast and others solve.  I am very interested in bringing these technologies to my company.  Despite selling the idea to a number of upper-level managers, I am hoping that we can move forward with a pilot run without our IT department vetoing  it.

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