Work-Related Projects

Modular system for extracting proprietary AMI data from electric meters and other devices (i.e. capacitor switches, demand-response devices), and performing statistic data analysis and automatic error checking.

  • I wrote this system with modularity in mind since I didn’t want to be the only developer of ‘checker’ modules.   Checker modules were written in python and the function name plus other parameters were added to MySQL tables that would link the module with specific information retrieved from the remote devices.  Additionally, the system was able to handle multiple checks per extracted data element, so for example, if line frequency was one of the values we were monitoring, in addition to running a statistical control chart analysis on the data, we could simultaneously look for various error conditions like under-frequency in conjunction with under-voltage.
  • Example checkers included looking for certain metrics to pass thresholds, and other ones would do trend analysis.  All of these checkers were useful for finding needle-in-a-haystack type problems.

Automatic scoreboard system for network attack testing against proprietary attack detection and prevention systems.

  • In conjunction with a back-end database + RPC methods for coordinating attack transmissions on different network connected computers, the system would initiate attack vectors, check detection results on the target machine, and create a test report based on the results of a battery of tests.

Home Projects

Designed custom Tanzanian beehives as a part of my efforts for low-cost, natural, and sustainable honey production.  By using top-bar beekeeping methods, I thought that I would be able to remove myself from the cycle of needing to purchase foundation and build standard frames.

  • While this approach has been working for me, one of the problems I’ve been running into is with the comb build-up being very disorganized.  Currently researching and experimenting with different ways of handling these issues.

Experimenting using the results of Dr. Masuru Emoto’s research, “Messages from Water”, to help keep my bees healthy without using invasive methods of hive management.

  • For my 1st experiment I’ve created a 8″x11″ label that I affixed to the top of my hives early in mid-season, soon after purchasing 4 new hives.  All of the hives were in the same condition.  I decided to apply the labels to 3 of my 4 hives and check on their progress in a few months.  After waiting about 3 months, I noticed significant honeycomb-growth on 3 of the 4 hives, and the one without the label was seriously lagging behind.
  • To take this experiment to the next level, I’m planning on coordinating a world-wide open experiment to explore this further.

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