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C++ Programming Review and Other Explorations

So, for this 1st post I’d like to comment on what I’ve been working on for the past few late nights – catching up on my C++ programming skills.  For a long time I have not touched this language due to my career path and the languages that were needed along the way.  From hardware design in VHDL and Verilog, to scripting languages Perl, Tcl, and Python, to some web-based programming in ASP and PHP, and most recently Flex and ActionScript.

I’m most excited about Flex programming since it’s so incredibly powerful -there is so much you can do with it and so far it seems pretty intuitive (I know – the devil is in the details).

Anyhow, C++ programming is what I’ve been working on due to an interview I’m preparing for.  I know they use C++ and Java, as well as a smattering of Python for some of the QA work.   In reviewing C++, I am remembering most of the syntax, and after programming in other languages for many years, I’m having an easier time re-learning it.   On the other hand, I feel I need to brush up on my object-oriented design (OOD) & implementation skills.

As a part of that, I took a detour and started exploring some lecture notes on design patterns which was great because it was nice to learn why they are used.  In my experience I haven’t used many of them so far, but as I expand my programming repertoire, I intend to use the constructs a lot more.

Another topic that I’ve been exploring these days has been Social Network Analysis (SNA).

Twitter Browser Graphic Image

Twitter Browser

This cool topic popped into my mind while reading a fantastic book I picked up on PaperbackSwap.com called Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders.

I’ll mention more on the book later, but basically it’s about adding value by being something called a lovecat promoting bizlove via knowledge, network, and compassion.   While reading the section on the network, I became interested in finding ways that I could analyze my contacts and extract meaningful weak-ties that could be rekindled or nurtured.   Since I’m also looking for new employment opportunities, and knowing that most jobs are found via networking – especially those contacts with whom I have weak ties, having social / skills / interests visualization tool would be especially useful.



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